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Do Not Make Excuses!

No excuse needed!

Don’t let yourself down or you will start to loose self belief and trust in yourself.

Commit to yourself and build trust with yourself, as you would your best friend.

What are the 5 most common excuses to miss exercise?

1/ Too tired

2/ Not enough time

3/ Sore or injured

4/ Don’t feel like it

5/ An invite to do something ‘more exciting!’

Lying down. Too tired? Sore or injured? Don't feel like exercising?
Too tired? Sore or injured? Don't feel like exercising?

Once you have established the top reason you need to exercise:

Set your goal:

Set a deadline to motivate you:

Created a clear vision to motivate you:

Produced your plan to motivate you:

Found the bigger vision to motivate you:

Brought your focus on positive thoughts to create positive actions:

Found a new approach to motivate you to exercise:

Broken your goals into manageable pieces:

Found your mentor:

Got organised:

Organised your schedule:

Now no more excuses!

How to build trust with yourself:

Check your diary and commit to your exercise plan.

You need to be consistent and not let yourself off the hook!

If you feel tired and don’t feel like exercising, get up and try your best. You’ll feel better once you start and the endorphins and sense of satisfaction once you have completed your workout will make you feel energised.

If you can’t face an hour workout, or don’t have time do 10 minutes.

Often once you start the change in brain state will keep you going, like the momentum of getting a snow ball moving being the hardest part and once it starts moving it will gather momentum and keep rolling down the hill.

Feel the difference in your mental state when you commit and follow through versus the feeling of letting your self down.

The 30 minutes it takes to go for a walk, jog or do some strength training exercises will pass in a blink when you sit and scroll on social media instead. Your brain and body will feel so much better and thank you for using that 30mins on your health and wellbeing. Its such a small time in your day and so important for your mental and physical wellbeing!

Strength Training Push Ups
Strength Training for Mental and Physical Health and Wellbeing

“Don't make me run!”

If you don’t feel up to running as it’s too hard, unenjoyable or you have pain or an injury start with a walk, then a faster walk, a hill walk or a few metres jog while you are on your walk.

You can gradually increase the length of the jog and the pace and eventually join the jogs together as you become fitter and its less daunting.

Everyone starts somewhere.

Begin with a step goal, then build up from your base goal.

“I don’t have time!”

If your scheduled workout will take 60 minutes but you had to work late and you have to pick up your kids in 30 minutes you feel like pulling out, however it’s no excuse to let yourself off.

Pick the most important exercises, do a quick warm up and work HARD! No rests, get through as much of your program as you can and feel proud of yourself for still exercising.

The benefits of 30 minutes hard, focused exercise are there and you have built trust with yourself rather than missing out on the benefits and feeling disappointed.

Hard, focused exercise, Barbell Rows
Hard, focused exercise, Barbell Rows

How to build trust in myself?

When I first started running I began with 20 minute jogs and slowly built up my kms as I became conditioned and fitter and my brain believed I could do it. I never let myself off my planned run without reasonable excuse, like illness or injury which would worsen if I ran.

Eventually I ran 5km, 10km, 14km, and half marathon and a full marathon. At the start my 20 minute jog at a slow pace round my local park was hard, I never would have believed I could run a full marathon without stopping!

My older sister never ran at school as she had open heart surgery as a baby for a whole in her heart and had poor heart and lung function as a child. She was always at the back walking on cross country days at school.

As an adult she has trained slowly up to completing several marathons.

The key is small, consistent steps day by day and don't make excuses, building trust in yourself.

How to build trust in yourself?

Once you commit and don’t let yourself down you will improve your self confidence, self esteem and realise you can follow though and achieve your goals.

Start with those small, achievable mini goals and keep taking little steps in the right direction day after day.

How to gain trust in yourself?

Keep to your exercise and fitness schedule whether an appointment with your trainer or Physio or your appointment in your diary with yourself!

You can always modify if you are sore, tired or injured.

Modify your exercise when you are sore, tried or injured. Pilates Side Reach
Modify your exercise when you are sore, tried or injured, Pilates Side Reach

Need MORE help to avoid the EXCUSES preventing you achieving your goals?

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Emma Najman, NDIS and Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Yoga Therapist
Emma Najman, NDIS and Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Yoga Therapist


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