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Emma's Story

  • Physiotherapist, qualified Pilates & Fitness instructor & Yoga Therapist.

  • Physiotherapist with over 25 years experience working with a wide range of conditions.

  • Certified PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist.

  • NDIS Registered Provider Physiotherapist.

  • Specialises in exercise based rehab for clients with chronic disability, chronic pain, postural pain, cancer rehab and ante/post natal conditioning.

  • Practiced competitive sport including gymnastics, tennis, and long distance running.

  • Practiced the pilates method intensively for over 20 years finding great relief from a chronic spinal condition.

  • Qualified Pilates instructor since 2001.

  • Practiced various forms of Yoga over the past 20 years, teaching since Yoga Arts graduation in 2006. Yoga Therapist Certification 2015.

  • Mother of Jemima and Jonah. 


  • BSc(Hons)Physiotherapy

  • Certified PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist

  • NDIS Registered Provider Physiotherapist 

  • Provider # 246098BX, ABN: 29 185 393 646

  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Practice

  • Member of APA

  • Member of Australasian Pilates Alliance

  • Yoga Arts Level 1, Certified Yoga Therapist

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