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The Reason You Need To Do Physio Pilates

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

What is Physio Pilates?

Pilates with a Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Pilates, or Physio Pilates movement is based on Pilates traditional exercises but with a deep focus on correct muscle engagement and modification of traditional exercises to make them suitable for rehab from injuries and health different health conditions.

Sessions are normally conducted within a Physio and pilates clinic and can include reformer Physio pilates, studio or rehab reformer sessions.

Pilates for Physio exercise rehab or traditional Physio with pilates exercises are often used.

Patient working on a Pilates Wunda Chair with her Physiotherapist on her Physio Pilates Program
Patient working on a Pilates Wunda Chair with her Physiotherapist on her Physio Pilates Program

What is the difference between Physio Pilates and Fitness Pilates?

Pilates includes a range of interpretations of Joseph Pilates original work including fitness pilates on mats or specialised Pilates equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac or Trap Table, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, High and Low Barrels, Magic Circle, or Pilates Ring, to name just a few.

Fitness Pilates is usually in large groups on the mat, or reformers, with everyone doing the same exercises at the same time. This could be called mat work pilates, reformer group pilates, group reformer classes or reformer flow pilates.

Reformer pilates and weight loss programs are often offered as a package.

This type of Pilates would be performed in a Fitness Pilates Studio, Reformer Pilates Studio or Mat Pilates Studio. At a Reformer Pilates Studio private reformer classes may also be available.

The goal of pilates fitness is gaining a “Pilates Body” with pilates based movements to strengthen muscles, improve core strength and flexibility.

Pilates can be performed in a Classic Pilates Studio, called Studio Pilates, with a variety of traditional pilates equipment, performing Pilates traditional exercises, including private pilates, duo pilates, semi private pilates sessions or small group pilates sessions.

The modern Pilates Studio uses additional equipment designed more recently by Physiotherapists including foam rollers, physio balls and therabands.

This type of Pilates studio session is used by Physiotherapists with their patients and also by Pilates Instructors with their clients, using programs designed specific to each person, or personal pilates, with a focus on correction of any imbalances in muscles, including weakness or tightness, joint stiffness or hyper mobility and postural imbalances. This is also known as physio clinical pilates classes or rehab reformer pilates.

The pilates studio holistic training method is used with many, varied conditions including: physiotherapy posture and pilates, pilates reformer for sciatica, pilates reformer for hip pain, lower back pain pilates reformer.

Performance pilates includes pilates reformer for golfers, reformer pilates for runners, pilates for rugby players, dancers, gymnasts and swimmers.

Physio Pilates or Physiotherapy Pilates, also known as Physio Clinical Pilates, is with a qualified Physiotherapist and may be rebatable by private health insurance funds, medicare, in Australia, (5 sessions each year if suffering with a chronic health condition), NDIS in Australia, (National Insurance Disability Scheme).

Clients with musculosketal concerns usually select physiotherapy and pilates, finding relief with many conditions including pilates reformer lower back pain exercises.

Stretching on a Pilates Spine Corrector in a Physio Pilates Studio
Stretching on a Pilates Spine Corrector in a Physio Pilates Studio

What is foundation reformer pilates and remedial pilates?

Foundation reformer pilates, pre pilates exercises and remedial pilates are the building blocks to prepare the mind and body for pilates traditional exercises.

How do you recognise a Physio Pilates studio?

The studio name will usually include Physio: Physio pilates movement, Studio Physio, Physio and Pilates Clinic or the Physio Pilates Studio.

Call or email the studio to check you will be working with a Physiotherapist with pilates qualifications.

There are many different types and names of fitness pilates programs including:

core pilates

mat pilates core exercises

pilates core workout

pilates ab workout

Side plank, from mat pilates core exercises repertoire
Side plank, from mat pilates core exercises repertoire

pilates glutes workout

pilates buttocks exercises

pilates booty workout

pilates for buttocks

pilates thigh workout

pilates for buttocks and thighs

beginner pilates thigh toning workout

pilates legs and glutes

pilates for legs and glutes

Single leg kick, from mat pilates for legs and glutes program
Single leg kick, from mat pilates for legs and glutes program

pilates leg workout

pilates inner thigh workout

pilates back workout

Theraband swimming, from mat pilates back program
Theraband swimming, from mat pilates back program

pilates for sciatica beginners

full body pilates workout

gentle pilates workout

basic mat pilates exercises

basic pilates mat workout

short pilates workout for beginners

pilates mat beginner exercises

pilates core workout for beginners

core conditioning pilates

full body pilates workout for beginners

easy pilates workout

short pilates workout

simple pilates workout

Mat side reach from simple pilates workout
Mat side reach from simple pilates workout

advanced pilates workout

10 minute pilates workout for beginners

pilates 15 minutes beginner

15 minutes pilates for beginners

standing pilates for seniors 15 minutes

15 minute pilates workout

15 minute mat pilates

15 minute pilates booty workout

20 minute pilates workout for beginners

20 minute mat pilates

20 minute pilates core workout

20 minute pilates full body workout

20 minute intermediate pilates

25 minute pilates workout

30 minute beginner pilates workout

30 minute pilates workout at home

30 minute pilates yoga workout

30 minute pilates core workout

pilates abs workout 30 minutes

pilates 30 minute full body workout

35 minute pilates

40 minute pilates workout

45 minute pilates workout beginner

45 minute pilates workout

45 minute cardio pilates total body workout

50 minute pilates workout

50 minute pilates

60 minute pilates workout

half hour pilates workout

1 hour pilates workout

pilates fit

intense pilates workout

pilates and cardio

full body pilates workout at home

pilates style workout

pilates flow workout

classic pilates moves

body fit pilates

pilates matt workout

pilates and yoga combined workout

women pilates

fun pilates workout

fun fit pilates

80s pilates

pilates 34 original exercises

relaxing pilates

pilates body sculpting

pilates workout moves

joseph pilates classical mat exercises

mat pilates with hand weights

pilates with magic circle

pilates mat exercises with ring

pilates fitball workout

pilates fitball exercises

Pilates fitball exercise to stretch side
Pilates fitball exercise to stretch side

What is the difference in price between Physio Pilates and Fitness Pilates?

The pilates class cost varies dependent on the number in the room, how personalised the class is and the qualifications and experience of the Pilates Instructor.

Mat work pilates session price is generally the cheapest as there is little or no equipment required, more space and therefor more participants. The classes are more a one size fits all approach with different levels and modifications of exercises usually provided, dependent upon participants.

Pilates reformer class cost is usually more than mat work due too expensive equipment limiting numbers due to set up cost and space limitations.

At least one private pilates class is usually required prior to joining a studio pilates or equipment pilates group, so that an assessment can be conducted and appropriate personalised program developed. This is the most expensive session as it is one to one, exploring in great depth and usually tales a full hour.

Once ready to join a group pilates class or semi private pilates class the price will be lower the a privates pilates class, due to larger numbers in the studio, thus less attention. Numbers will vary between 2, in a duo pilates class, or 4-6 in a group pilates or semi private pilates class. Some small pilates studios only offer a private pilates studio and duo pilates studio, as they are not large enough to accomodate more participants or afford enough equipment.

Physiotherapy led pilates is normally the most expensive, but when rebated under Medicare EPC or private health cover, including Bupa clinical pilates and Medibank Private pilates cover, often works out less expensive, out of pocket than with a pilates instructor.

For those under an NDIS plan sessions are usually fully rebatable, with no gap payment.

Private Studio Pilates Swan on the Cadillac or Trap Table
Private Studio Pilates Swan on the Cadillac or Trap Table

What is the difference between a pilates and yoga studio?

Some studios run Yoga & Pilates sessions, either incorporating both disciplines into one class or running separate yoga classes.

Yoga is performed on mats on the floor rather than large equipment used in studio pilates, however some portable equipment is used in some types of yoga to support and challenge the participant. This equipment includes blocks, bolsters, straps, chairs, blankets and ropes hung from the wall in Iyengar Yoga.

While many Pilates exercises are inspired by yoga asanas or poses, Pilates exercises move through rather than holding poses, there is more focus on core stability and deep muscle engagement and the breath technique is very different.

Yoga Asasna Pose Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana, (one leg upward bow)
Yoga Asasna Pose Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana, (one leg upward bow)

Are online and recorded classes available in addition to live pilates classes?

Online live classes on zoom or other similar applications are widely available, ranging from large, group mat classes to private sessions, with and without equipment.

Some instructors will provide recordings for self practice at home and some Physiotherapists provide specific exercises on an app with videos to follow, to remind participants of their exercises and a messaging system to alert and discuss with their Physiotherapist their progress and any concerns for modifications to be recommended, as required.

Online Physio Pilates and Yoga Therapy app home exercise program
Online Physio Pilates and Yoga Therapy app home exercise program

Is Pilates Suitable During Pregnancy?

Studio pilates pregnancy classes are a safe option as they are designed and modified specifically for the stage of pregnancy and posture changes, aches and pains related to pregnancy. Prenatal reformer and pregnancy reformer pilates first trimester is safe as it is still fine to lie supine (on your back) in the first trimester for most.

Antenatal pilates classes are provided both on the mat and in the pilates studio on equipment.

Pilates for pelvic floor muscles is important for both ante and post natal care.

Post natal Physio pilates exercise
Post natal Physio pilates exercise

Why Physiomoves & End Physio?

We bring professional expertise, extensive knowledge and skills, with an amazing blend of Physiotherapy, Pilates and Yoga Therapy, with over 25 years of experience helping clients navigate chronic pain, cancer rehab and disabilities to reach their goals and live their best life.

Our clients love the individual focus they receive, with all programs designed to meet their own personal needs and abilities.

We walk the journey with you and support you every step of the way, removing barriers together to reach your goals.

Author, Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Yoga Therapist, Emma Najman, End Physio
Author, Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Yoga Therapist, Emma Najman, End Physio

“Unlike other Physios, you have far more in depth knowledge of how Physio can improve their health/quality of life/mental health/ Or help them meet their goals. Your passion for your work shows, as when I’ve attended other Physio/pilates, I don’t get much more than a repeated program and monitoring. You provide a very individualised /tailored program and advice on weekly basis. Your classes are a joy to attend, your energy fills the room and your relationships with clients are genuine and authentic. I feel like I’m an individual in your class, whom you know well. Other classes I’ve attended I am just another person and the teacher is just going through the motions.

We also see/feel the progress toward our goals the change in our movement/strength/coordination etc – the plans you create actually work!

You provide the right amount of challenge to shift us toward our goals. you are very encouraging – it’s different from being pushed by a personal trainer, something I don’t want.”


Are You ready to get started but unsure where to begin?

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