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 Grow an Endurance Athlete’s Body and Mindset Through "The Change" FREE Online Masterclass

Learn the SECRETS to an incredible, pain free, endurance athlete's body & mindset through Menopause & beyond!

Be better than your 30 year old self physically, mentally & emotionally
to breeze through life's challenges with VIGOUR!

10 Secrets to an Amazing, Painless, Endurance Athlete's Body & Mindset, through "The Change" Online Masterclass  

Hot Flushes?

Night Sweats?

Mood Swings?

Weight Gain?

Joint & Headaches?

Dry Skin?

Abdominal Cramps & Bloating?




Unable To Concentrate?

Muscle Fatigue?

Memory Loss?



Pelvic Floor Weakness?

Hair Loss?

Brittle Nails?

Muscle Loss?

Decreased Metabolism?

Decreased Bone Density?

Fear of Osteoporosis?

Fear of Cardiovascular Disease?

Panic Attacks?


Loss of Dreams?

You don't need to put up with IT!


Your Solution is HERE!


Learn the Secrets to the NEW YOU!

In less than 1 hour walk away with:

  • My 10 steps of tried & tested solutions.

  • ​Confidence, strength & renewed energy!

  • A plan to release your symptoms, chronic aches & pains!
  • Ability to tackle life's challenges & support everyone around you with new vigour!​

  • My proven strategy to balance your body and mind.

  • Support and your questions answered in our free Facebook group.

  • Back in control, waving goodbye to constant appointments!

  • Excitement contemplating the next chapter in your life and achieving YOUR GOAL beyond your Wildest Dreams!


I'm a Physiotherapist, qualified Pilates & Fitness instructor & Yoga Therapist with over 20 years experience in exercise based rehab specialising with peri menopausal women with chronic pain & other symptoms related to hormonal changes.

I'm close to 50 & feeling fabulous following my system.

It works!

See you inside my Masterclass! 


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