5 Day Free Grow Great Posture Challenge

Decrease aches & pains in just 5 days with my tips & exercise programs delivered to an app on your phone.

Exercise with me for 5 days and join me in the live group with daily coaching & implementation.

 Start your new year with a boost to your health and wellbeing    

Grow Great Posture & Strength Online Challenge 18-22 Jan 2021

In just 5 days walk away:

  • Taller, holding your head up high with confidence, strength & energy, eliminating aches & pains.

  • With simple to follow exercise videos sent to an app on your phone.

  • Strength training, stretches, education sessions pilates & yoga.

  • Daily posture & strength education videos with implementation & coaching in our free facebook group to uncover the solution you've been seeking.

  • Prize for winner of the 5 Day Challenge: Free 12 Week Online End Pain, Grow Great Posture & Strength Program designed specific to your needs & GOALS! With support to ensure you achieve a full life changing transformation.

I'm a Physiotherapist, qualified Pilates & Fitness instructor & Yoga Therapist with over 20 years experience in exercise based rehab specialising with clients with chronic, postural pain. See you inside the challenge! 


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