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Emma Najman, Physiotherapist, Fitness Instructor, Pilates Teacher & Yoga Therapist, has helped 100’s achieve their health & fitness goals in her studios in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Now she can help you, every step of the way to achieve yours.

Health & Fitness App
Puts Emma in your Pocket

This is not one of those many generic fitness programs & apps.


This is your Physio & Fitness expert guided program, designed for you.


Delivered to an app on your phone, based on your current needs, goals & circumstances.


Customised to change as you improve & modified based on your changing needs, removing any barriers to your goals, from your feedback, with my support along your journey.


12 Week Health & Fitness Programs

which achieve your long term GOAL


Commit to Yourself

  • Choose from one or more workout type

  • Select number of days a week you can commit to

  • Choose length of workout you can to commit to

  • Identify your pain area(s) of concern

  • Set your goal

Connect all YOUR devices

Use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to workout with Emma anytime, anywhere.

12 Week Health & Fitness Program
achieving your GOAL


  • Construction of your program specific to you, based on your current needs & goals.

  • App with your exercises on your phone including videos, voiceover descriptions and written explanations for each exercise.

  • Assessment measures performed prior to commencement, at 6 weeks and after 12 weeks to reinforce the changes you are making.

  • Modifications to your program based on your changing needs.

  • 6 instructional PDFs to support your management and success.

  • Weekly check in and daily monitoring of your program, ensuring progression and achievement of goals.

  • Long term management plan at the end of 12 weeks to ensure ongoing success.

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